Irfaya received no support from Palestinian groups for the murder, which shocked Israeli society and led to protests and demands to instate a death sentence for terrorists

Terrorist sentenced to life, 20 years prison for ‘cruel’ Ori Ansbacher murder
Michael Starr
January 29, 2023

The terrorist who raped and murdered Israeli teenager Ori Ansbacher in 2019, Arafat Irfaya, was sentenced to life in prison, another 20 years imprisonment, and fined for his crimes, the Jerusalem district court ruled on Sunday morning. The terrorist was ordered to pay compensation to the family, for whom the loss of their child has been “a difficult and unceasing struggle for the mother, father and four children of the family.”…The court described the attack on Ansbacher as particularly cruel and malicious. According to the court, Ansbacher, 19, had gone to Jerusalem’s Ein Yael Forest to listen to music and write after a day volunteering for at-risk youth, when Irfaya, a resident of Hebron, stumbled across her. READ MORE

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