Saudi news site quotes unnamed Israeli military official saying any move by Tehran to ‘take advantage of tragic situation’ will be met with military response ‘without hesitation’

Israel warns Iran against sending arms to Syria under guise of quake aid
Emanuel Fabian
February 9, 2023

The Saudi-owned Elaph news site on Thursday cited an Israeli military official as saying if Iran ships weapons to its regional proxies under the guise of humanitarian aid to Syria following the major earthquake there, the IDF would not hesitate to strike. The unnamed official said “there is information indicating that Iran will take advantage of the tragic situation in Syria” and ship weapons to the Hezbollah terror organization and other Iran-backed groups in Syria. He said Israel would not accept this and it would result in a “firm military response from us without hesitation.” READ MORE

ALGEMEINER Israeli Chief Rabbi: Earthquake Rescue Teams Should Work Through Jewish Sabbath As the death toll from Monday’s devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria passed the 20,000 mark on Thursday, Israel’s chief rabbi issued a letter reminding Israeli Jewish rescue workers to continue their operations through Friday night and Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, in accordance with pikuach nefesh, the halachic concept that the saving of a life overrules the commandments in Jewish law. In his message, Chief Rabbi David Lau urged that during the “holy shabbat,” field hospitals should “continue to function normally.”

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