“These materials reflect BLM’s long affiliation with the anti-Zionist and antisemitic BDS movement”

How Black Lives Matter is indoctrinating your kids — and what you can do about it
Ricki Hollander
February 7, 2023

…But though the coalition says its goal is to transform US classrooms into “incubators for inclusivity, equity, and justice,” a glance at the curriculum resources it provides teachers gratis makes clear some instead degrade, discriminate and defame certain groups of people as a means of elevating others. A prime example: the offerings in the “Black+Palestinian Solidarity” section of BLMAS’ Curriculum Resource Guide 2.0. They demonize Zionists and supporters of Israel with anti-Israel propaganda and anti-Jewish tropes, encouraging students to become boycott, divestment and sanctions activists against the Jewish state. Examples include…Various petitions calling on black American institutions and affiliated groups to join the BDS campaign against the Jewish state and push to end US military funding to Israel. These petitions vilify and delegitimize Israel with outrageous falsehoods like Israeli soldiers “routinely maim” and “systematically target” disabled Palestinians for murder. READ MORE

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