If a Chinese spy balloon flew over Israel

If a Chinese spy balloon flew over Israel
Stephen Bryen
February 6, 2023

Consider this: if China sent one of its high-tech surveillance balloons over Israel, what would happen? The answer: Israel would have sounded air raid sirens telling its citizens to go into shelters. It would then fire an air defense missile to take the balloon down. No hand-wringing. No waiting. No lies. Just eliminate the threat. Israel has an extensive air defense system consisting of a high-low mix. That includes the Arrow 3 which can knock out ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere;  David’s Sling which is designed to intercept  enemy planes, drones, tactical ballistic missiles, medium- to long-range  rockets and cruise missiles and; Iron Dome which can kill short-range rockets, drones and cruise missiles. READ MORE

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1 Response to If a Chinese spy balloon flew over Israel

  1. donaldsub4u says:

    The people of Israel have been accustomed to threats to their existence since the beginning of time. They are always awake and alert to such threats. Here in the US we are asleep. One morning we will wake up and be slaves to the Chinese government.


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