Colonel (Res.) Zeev Raz wrote that if the Prime Minister acts undemocratically, he should be killed, citing a traditional Jewish law

Former senior Air Force officer hints at murdering Prime Minister
February 4, 2023

Colonel (Res.) Zeev Raz, one of the leaders of the anti-Netanyahu protest movement and a former fighter pilot, is seemingly calling to murder the Prime Minister on the charges of “rodef”, a traditional Jewish law that allows bystanders to preemptively kill a potential murderer..,Raz writes, “If a Prime Minister gets up and takes the authority of a dictator, that Prime Minister is a man of death, it’s that simple, together with his ministers and those who work with him. We also have to have the law of ‘rodef.’ “My rodef law states: If a man, Israeli or foreign, takes over my county and rules it undemocratically, there is an obligation to kill him. READ MORE

ISRAEL HAYOM Former pilot investigated over post calling for assassinating PM Amid public outrage and a rare rebuke by the Shin Ben security agency, former Israeli Air Force pilot Ze’ev Raz was interrogated by the Israel Police on Sunday over alleged incitement after posting online comments that suggested it was legitimate to kill Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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