We need a way out of the judicial clash, not more angry rhetoric — a rejoinder to Gordis, Friedman and Klein-Halevi

We need a way out of the judicial clash, not more angry rhetoric
Gerald M Steinberg
February 3, 2023

I have a great deal of respect for Daniel Gordis, Matti Friedman and Yossi Klein-Halevi. Their contributions as articulate and passionate Zionist voices, standing against the chorus of ignorance and hate, are invaluable. But I strongly disagree with their “letter to Israel’s friends in North America.” Like most of the debate over the new government’s proposals to restructure Israel’s legal system, their rhetoric is dangerously over the top. Instead of contributing positively by suggesting possible paths out of this self-destructive cycle, they became part of it. And in contrast to adding their influential voices to the attempts by both sides to portray the other as entirely lacking in legitimacy, those who take this crisis seriously should begin by acknowledging and addressing real concerns. READ MORE

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