Why is Israel under threat from a terrorist group for allowing Jews to pray at Judaism’s holiest site? Why is it okay for everyone else to pray there and not for Jews? And why do these Palestinian groups get away with making such threats?

Moshe Dayan’s Tragic Blunder
Meir Y. Soloveichik
February 2023

…The current contretemps, like all others concerning the Temple Mount, reveals that [Moshe] Dayan’s original decision was a terrible mistake, the worst in Israel’s history. Rather than pacifying Jewish–Muslim relations, the Dayan compromise instead encouraged Israel’s enemies to deny any Jewish rights of access to the Mount. The general’s decree was not only strategically misguided but also terribly unjust, as it has created a situation in which the only faith community in Israel that cannot fully access its most sacred site is made up of religious Jews. One can be a fierce critic of Ben-Gvir, or any other leader in the current government, and still understand that there is something profoundly wrong with the current situation. READ MORE

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