“Can the whole world be wrong?”: A new book is essential to understanding the current lunacy over Israel and the global jihad.

Can the whole world be wrong?
Melanie Phillips
February 16, 2023

One of the mysteries of the war against Israel is the extent to which a monstrously twisted narrative about Israel and the Palestinian Arabs—casting the former as evil and the latter as sanctified victims—has been absorbed by so many people. Still stranger, this narrative seems to be the driver of progressive politics. It’s not just that “intersectionality” demonizes the Jews, but that it is driven by an obsession with Palestinianism. As Corinne Blacker wrote in Tablet, “In queer and women’s studies programs, the topic of Palestine is regularly inserted into the most unlikely contexts, to the extent that one student in a class about queer history told me that they discussed nothing but Palestine.” READ MORE

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