PM’s wife trapped in central Tel Aviv after hundreds of protesters surround storefront; media blames Sara for her “lavish lifestyle at taxpayers’ expense”

Sara Netanyahu accosted by protesters at Tel Aviv hair salon, extricated by police
March 1, 2023

The prime minister’s wife became trapped in a Tel Aviv hair salon Wednesday as hundreds of protesters against the government gathered outside, with police called to the scene to keep demonstrators away and Sara Netanyahu forced to wait for hours to be extricated. Protesters against the government and its plans to curb the judiciary rallied and marched in Tel Aviv and other cities around the country throughout the day and resumed protesting at night in several places, including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Nahariya, Pardes Hanna-Karkur and Zichron Ya’akov. In Tel Aviv, which had seen rare clashes between protesters and police earlier in the day, demonstrators rushed to Kikar HaMedina Plaza upon hearing that Sara Netanyahu was at an establishment there for a haircut. READ MORE

I24 NEWS Sara Netanyahu trapped in hair salon by angry crowd, rescued by police Netanyahu condemned the incident, saying it provided more evidence that those protesting the government’s overhaul of the judiciary are “anarchists trying to sow disorder.” Throughout the day, police tried to contain demonstrators who brought Israel’s financial capital to a virtual standstill. Protesters blocked highways, major intersections, and railway stations, rallying against the judicial reform legislation as lawmakers held a preliminary vote on two of the bills.

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