“Not only do Israel’s courts remain unfettered by any written constitution when evaluating a law — it is guided by such nebulous principles as “human dignity” and “liberty” — it’s also seized the ability to block any government act it deems “unreasonable”

Israel’s protesters are enemies, not heroes, of democracy
Erielle Davidson and Eugene Kontorovich
March 28, 2023

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu announced Monday night he was temporarily pausing his government’s judicial-reform efforts in the face of strikes by key industries, insubordination in some parts of the military and huge protests. While many within the international community, as well as on the Israeli left, will attempt to portray the announcement as a triumph of democracy, it is anything but. The reforms seek to introduce a modicum of checks and balances into Israel’s political system, where the “court” sits as a de facto unelected supreme legislative chamber that can exercise veto power over every single government action. The assault on the proposals, apart from the telegenic protesters, was actually rooted in the state’s bureaucracy, which remains highly sympathetic to the judiciary.For 25 years, Israel’s Supreme Court has operated entirely without democratic constraints. READ MORE

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