“Ignore Washington’s hypocritical talk about protecting democracy. They want a weak government that won’t make trouble when it comes to Iran, and they won’t stop until they get one”

Why did the Biden administration oppose Israeli judicial reform?
Jonathan Tobin
March 29, 2023

Washington is as determined as the anti-Bibi resistance not just to stop judicial reform but to oust a democratically elected government by any means possible. Biden’s interest in toppling him is disconnected from any purported concern about Netanyahu’s alleged shortcomings. What the White House and State Department want is a more pliable Israeli prime minister who will keep quiet about the nuclear threat from Iran and who can be intimidated into not acting to forestall that deadly threat to Israel’s existence. As to the substance of the American critique of the effort to reform Israel’s judiciary, as a JNS report described, the hypocrisy of Biden’s stand is epic in nature. READ MORE

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