“A Pew Center poll revealed that 59 percent of Israelis are happy with their country, versus, for example, 33 percent of Americans (not to mention depressed Europeans)”

Israel has taught the West that life is beautiful even at the foot of a volcano
Giulio Meotti
April 5, 2023

It’s 2023 and Israel has never been healthier despite its internal conflicts. This small piece of land slightly larger than Lombardy is the only state whose existence is openly questioned, in the south it has Hamas, in the north Hezbollah and in the middle the Palestinian Arabs, increasingly eager to stab and shoot the Zionists. On the left the only peaceful border: the Mediterranean, where many since 1948 would like to roll over all the Jews. Yet, Israel, in the aftermath of a new wave of terrorism and protests never seen in its history, looks blissful. Israel no longer has existential enemies. Tsahal [IDF] is the most powerful army in an arc that goes from Marrakesh to Bangladesh. READ MORE

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