In what The Post’s Melissa Klein referred to as “a master class in ‘gaslighting,’” CUNY chancellor hires an antisemite to investigate the school’s antisemitism problem

How CUNY became America’s most antisemitic university
Jeffrey Lax
April 6, 2023

The “cleansing” of Jewish students and lecturers from German universities from 1933 to 1935 was one of the Nazis’ first goals met. Ninety years later, in the metropolis with the world’s largest Jewish population, the City University of New York has successfully completed a years-long initiative to expunge all Jews from its senior leadership. Spring will see the exit of the last two remaining Jews on the school’s 80-member senior-leadership team, in a city whose population is about 20% Jewish. It will be the first time since its 1961 founding that CUNY’s senior leadership will be Jew-free or Judenrein, for those who fear the horrors of history repeating itself. READ MORE

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