Judicial reform’s backstory: Tensions between secular Jews — who are disproportionately represented in the country’s elite — and religious Jews in Israel have existed for decades

Passover Miracle: Israel’s Judicial Reform Standoff Could End in Grand Compromise on Civil Rights
Joel B. Pollak
April 11, 2023

The internal fight over judicial reform in Israel, which threatened to trigger a civil war a few weeks ago, could soon be resolved in a compromise that enshrines basic civil rights and limits the power of the Supreme Court. Reports, purportedly from sources close to ongoing negotiations between the government and the opposition, suggest that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may get what he wants — checks and balances for the all-powerful courts — in exchange for what the opposition says it wants, which is to see the rights of minorities, women, secularists, and LGBT people formally protected by law against infringement by religious parties. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Judicial overhaul negotiation teams hold talks on anchoring fundamental rights in law Coalition and opposition teams say they hope to reach agreement on a comprehensive reform package, instead of the government’s previous piecemeal approach to constitutional revamp

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