Orthodox women are making TikTok and Instagram viewers laugh

The Funny Frum Women of Social Media
Kylie Ora Lobell
April 13, 2023

…Rosenbloom is known for developing recurring characters on Instagram, dressing up in costumes and wearing wigs for her sketches. She makes videos pretending she’s a high-maintenance Israeli woman with giant fake lips and a Torah teacher named Rebbetzin Gshmak, who has big teeth and a thick New York accent. In her posts, Rosenbloom strives to be real about what the Orthodox lifestyle is like without putting anyone down. “Although I’m making fun of things in our communities, the purpose is not to not bash it,” she said. “Everyone can see that I live an observant life. I am an Orthodox Jew, and it’s part of who I am. I do try to stay in my lane, and not get too controversial.” READ MORE

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