Mark Twain affirmed the unbreakable Jewish connection to the Land, and that it was desolate under then Ottoman control

Mahmoud Abbas’ Foolishness on Center Stage at the UN
Jonathan Feldstein
May 18, 2023

…As much as these are historic facts that the world has overlooked in a knee-jerk response for supporting the Palestinian Arabs’ narrative, Abbas repeated and doubled down on ridiculous historical revisionism by claiming that the Jewish people have no legitimate history in, or claim to, Jerusalem and its most sacred site, the Temple Mount. It’s just a foolish lie, but one the world has bought into for decades. He may not agree with or like the truth, and may have to say that Israel is the bogeyman because that is the cornerstone of Palestinian Arab identity, but it is beyond ridiculous to suggest that the Jewish people are not indigenous in the Land of Israel. READ MORE

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