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“The cultural establishment has spent years” ignoring author Alice Walker’s antisemitism, on display again in the NYT

TABLET MAGAZINE The New York Times Just Published an Unqualified Recommendation for an Insanely Anti-Semitic Book by Yair Rosenberg December 17, 2018 Over the weekend, the New York Times Book Review published a full-length interview with Alice Walker, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Color … Continue reading

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#BlackLivesMatter bonds with Palestine

WASHINGTON POST The growing solidarity between #BlackLivesMatter and Palestinian activists by Ishaan Tharoor October 15, 2015 The video below, published on YouTube on Wednesday, features dozens of #BlackLivesMatter and Palestinian activists delivering a joint message. “When I see them, I … Continue reading

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Desmond Tutu: Once a hero, now forlorn anti-Israel loser

THE COMMENTATOR by Professor Michael Curtis June 28, 2015 Desmond Tutu was once a hero in the eyes of freedom fighters around the world. But talk about a tragic flaw: he’s now best known for having fallen in with the … Continue reading

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