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“At the rate the radical left is taking over major Jewish organizations, we can assume that within five years there will be a steep rise in the number of American Jewish groups that advocate on behalf of BDS”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS) American Jewry’s Organizational Crack-Up by Caroline Glick April 24, 2020 …Lob’s selection came as a complete surprise to Conference insiders. She beat out two candidates with far more organizational experience and centrist credentials. But … Continue reading

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HIAS, formerly known as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, found that the word “Hebrew” no longer worked so recently dropped it from organizations’ name

JNS Not your bubbe’s Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society—not even ‘Hebrew’ anymore by Abraham H. Miller March 9, 2016  …HIAS’s webpage and its refugee advocacy have nothing to do with Jewish refugees or the plight of Jews suffering anti-Semitism. HIAS has … Continue reading

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