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“The threads that link anti-Semitism with unfulfilled sexual desire”

JNS Let’s talk about sex: the aftermath of Charlottesville by Ben Cohen August 17, 2017 The scene is Paris in the late 19th century. At a glittering ball, a handful of eligible gentilhommes eagerly circled the charming Comtesse de La Rochefoucauld—something … Continue reading

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Do Ultra-Orthodox Jews Have Better Sex?

NEW YORK MAGAZINE by Steve Fishman September 17, 2014 When I recently met Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in Central Park, he was wearing Ray-Bans with tight black biking spandex and smoking a cigar. “There’s no pork in my cycling outfit,” he … Continue reading

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Arab Sex and Arab Terror

ALGEMEINER Arab Sex and Arab Terror by Michael Widlanski July 2, 2014 When an Arab bomber attacks Jews, there is often a SEXUAL motive. Wafa Idris, the first Palestinian Arab woman suicide bomber, had been shamed and shunned by her … Continue reading

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