Over vocal protest, Arab-Jewish wedding goes ahead

by Stuart Winer and Melanie Lidman
August 17, 2014


Hundreds of police deployed to separate between demonstrations in favor of, and against, nuptials

A mixed Jewish-Arab wedding that has garnered unprecedented media attention due to virulent criticism from anti-assimilation activists, who announced they would demonstrate during the ceremony, went ahead on Sunday night with hundreds of policemen deployed to prevent clashes.

Bride Morel Malka, 23, a Jewish convert to Islam, and her groom, Mahmoud Mansour, 26, of Jaffa, were wed while outside the hall two demonstrations took place: one by several hundred protesters against their union, and the other by a group of dozens who turned up to show their support for the couple.

Four anti-assimilation protesters were arrested after they tried to approach the hall in violation of a court order, which stated that they could not come within 200 meters of the celebrations. The counter-protesters brought balloons and flowers to add to the merriment. Hundreds of police were deployed to separate between the rival demonstrations, and security guards carefully checked the more than 600 guests’ credentials and invitations before letting them in.

The wedding celebrations began in the afternoon, when Malka went to Mansour’s home to meet her groom, as is the Arab custom. Hundreds of friends and local residents turned up to take part in the event. “I am happy and moved,” Malka said to reporters…….


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