To win broad U.S. Jewish support, Obama must truly tackle Iran

by Rabbi Eric Yoffie
April 8, 2015

Eric Yoffie was past president of the Union for Reform Judaism. Not to state the obvious, but the writer presumes the President actually cares (at this point) to win broad Jewish support. Yoffie also blames the usual suspects — Bush and Bibi.

….Even Obama admirers, such as myself, who generally applaud the president’s tough-minded realism, will not be cheering this particular deal. Part of the reason, of course, is that it is not a very good deal, and in many ways, it is not a deal at all. Iran’s nuclear infrastructure remains in place, the Iranians have walked away from long-standing commitments, and the Americans have compromised on long-standing demands. Absolutely critical arrangements on verifying compliance, without which the whole plan collapses, have yet to be negotiated. “Better than expected” and “better than the alternative” are the descriptions most frequently heard from supporters of the deal, and both claims have a measure of truth. But they hardly constitute a reason why American Jews should offer their enthusiastic endorsement….American Jews will make their judgments based on things that they do know. And after years of Iran watching, they know that Iran is an Israel-hating, Holocaust-denying theocracy, and the patron of Hezbollah and other radical groups that are in the business of killing Jews. From our long history, Jews are aware that such things matter. When in doubt about whether to trust virulently anti-Semitic nations and leaders, the general rule is: Don’t. READ MORE

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