Europe’s Crisis Proves Israel is No ‘Anachronism’

by Ben Cohen
July 3, 2015

Back in 2003, as some readers will recall all too clearly, the noted historian Tony Judt penned a searing critique of Israel in the New York Review of Books. Titled “Israel: The Alternative,” Judt, whose impressive scholarship was largely focused on Europe, depicted the Jewish state as a reactionary outpost of 19th century nationalism…. Judt’s argument struck a wide-ranging, resonant chord. Insofar as an article can be said to have gone viral….this one did. Its most memorable and damning line read as follows: “Israel, in short, is an anachronism.”…So intense is the Greek crisis that Gideon Rachman, one of the leading columnists at the Financial Times, wrote last week about “the failure of a European dream of unity, peace and prosperity”—all those goals that Tony Judt said that Israel could never achieve, because of its obsessive clinging to Jewish nationalism. READ MORE

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