The Little Think Tank That Could

John B. Judis, the author of this Slate article, was profiled last year in The Tower by Joshua Muravchik in connection with Judis’ Genesis: Truman, American Jews, and the Origins of the Arab/Israeli Conflict. According to Muravchik, Judis thinks Zionism was “inherently a great mistake and injustice.” This worldview appears to underpin this article which characterizes FDD not so much as pro-Democracy as pro-Israel.

by John B. Judis
August 18, 2015

Inside the small, pro-Israel outfit leading the attack on Obama’s Iran deal

….When it comes to influencing members of Congress, AIPAC has the access to financial contributors with which to reward the compliant and pressure the recalcitrant.  But that’s not enough. Opponents of the deal, if they are to carry the day, need crisp talking points and plausible arguments; they need credible experts who will back up their position in congressional hearings, on opinion pages, and on TV and radio. And no organization has been better at providing this kind of intellectual firepower than the little-known Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a relatively small Washington think tank that is devoting itself to defeating the Iran deal. READ MORE

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