Is Iran’s Hassan Rouhani ahead of himself ?

Asharq Al-Awsat
Hubris puts Iran in danger
by Amir Taheri
October 3, 2015

Obama is desperate to perpetuate the fiction that he has tamed revolutionary Iran and, as he claimed the other day, made “the world a safer place.” If the Iran “nuclear deal” is exposed as a sham, which it certainly is, Obama would look like the self-styled wizard in The Wizard of Oz – if not a bad man, at least an incompetent magician. For his part, Rouhani must salvage whatever he can of the “nuclear deal” which he has always presented as the crucial step towards normalization with the “outside world” which every Iranian understands to mean the United States. He has described the “deal” as “The greatest diplomatic victory in Islamic history.” (fath al-fotuh). READ MORE

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