CAMERA showcases journalistic duplicity in Israel terror reporting

Wave of Palestinian Violence Accompanied by Spate of Bad Writing
October 14, 2015

Some correspondents and headline writers are doing a fine job reporting on the outbreak of terror in Israel, but all too many others are failing at this task. Journalists in the latter category have relied on the passive voice, euphemism, and imprecision — reportorial smoke and mirrors — to obscure Palestinian terror attacks and even recast terrorists as victims of arbitrary Israeli violence. …”Fire broke out overnight at the compound housing Joseph’s Tomb, a religious site venerated by Jews, the Israel Defense Forces said Friday,” CNN’s story begins. And it’s true. The holy site did catch fire. Right around the time Palestinian arsonists set it on fire. CNN’s headline is one of the worst examples yet of obscuring violence and concealing the identity of the perpetrators. READ MORE

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