Why does the subject of Israel cause so many to invert the truth ?

Bizarro reality
by Richard Baehr
December 1, 2015

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in his welcoming ‎remarks to the climate summit in Paris, chose a moment of ‎silence for recent victims of terror in Paris, Bamako, ‎Beirut and Tunis. Missing, naturally, was any mention of Tel Aviv ‎or Jerusalem. One might think the secretary-general believes ‎terror attacks on Jews or Israelis are something different than ‎attacks in the rest of the world.‎ The United Nations has much to answer for itself in terms of being an ‎active participant in the current incitement campaign to ‎murder Jews, with teachers in UNRWA schools making their ‎own appeals for more killing of the Jewish “apes and pigs.”‎ Double standards come naturally to the Obama ‎administration as well, which waited a few days to ‎acknowledge the murder of a Jewish American, Ezra ‎Schwartz, in one attack in Israel, after immediately noting ‎attacks that killed Americans in Paris and other places. The ‎public acknowledgment of Schwartz’s death on a Monday night ‎football broadcast probably forced the president’s handREAD MORE

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