Choice between fighting Islamic terrorism and supporting Muslim brothers and sisters is a false choice

Muslims are my brothers and my sisters
by Fred Maroun
December 11, 2015

My Egyptian friend, Ahmed Meligy, calls me his brother. Although I have Egyptian ancestry, I am not related to him, and we are not even followers of the same religion. Ahmed’s affectionate gesture is a reminder that for him, being Muslim does not replace being humanAhmed Meligy is a peace activist who dedicates much of his time to learning about Jewish history and to promoting peace with Israel.  After the latest terrorist attack in Paris, Meligy made a video denouncing the attack, reminding people that he is a proud Muslim but not a terrorist, and criticizing the media for not covering terrorism in Lebanon and Israel to the same extent as they cover terrorism in Europe. In the video, he says, “I am a peace activist because I am a Muslim”. There is a rational fear that many people in the West feel when they see the extremism and violence perpetrated in the name of Islam around the globeREAD MORE

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