“When their own luminaries were caught behaving badly, Israeli progressives refused to admit any wrongdoing. And that’s very bad for democracy”

Can the Israeli Left Save Itself?
by Liel Leibovitz
January 14, 2016

…Absurdist thinking was on full display this week, after key activists in two of Israel’s most famous left-wing NGOs were caught on camera admitting that they entrapped Palestinians interested in selling land to Israelis and then reported them to the Palestinian Authority, even though they knew that these Palestinians faced near-certain torture or murder at the hands of the P.A.’s secret police. As soon as the footage was broadcast on Uvda, Israel’s equivalent of 60 Minutes, the Israeli left closed ranks and went to war. Rather than decrying the act of delivering innocents to their tormentors and collaborating with a regime routinely counted among the world’s most repressive, Gideon Levy—the Grand Old Man of the Israeli left—blamed the messenger… READ MORE

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