“Sanders isn’t alone in trying to rehabilitate an ideology that is so frequently driven to murder and oppression in order to “liberate” the world from the shackles of capitalism that it is quite obviously a feature of the system and not a bug”

Making Communism Great Again
by Noah Rothman
March 11, 2016

Writing in COMMENTARY, the columnist Ben Domenech recently identified a curious phenomenon. American political actors on the left, he observed, are engaged in a morally hazardous effort to rehabilitate socialism. “The return of socialism has been significantly aided by the academy, where groups of elite-left teachers and bureaucrats of [Senator Bernie] Sanders’s generation who never soured on the ideology have raised up a Millennial generation with no knowledge of the horrors perpetrated by the real-world workings of the ideology,” he wrote. Surely, all the opprobrium in the universe should come down around the shoulders of a generation too self-absorbed to educate themselves about the unspeakable crimes statism has inflicted upon the world over the decades. READ MORE

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