“American Jews are horrified by the choice they think will face them at November’s presidential election. If they adjust their perspective, however, there is another option”

Mussolini vs Lucrezia Borgia? There is an alternative
by Melanie Phillips
April 14, 2016

Traveling in the US last week I found Jews, like many others, in a state of extreme agitation. The Trump phenomenon, they raged, was beyond belief. How could America be doing this to itself, possibly nominating as a presidential candidate a man who was a crude and unstable know-nothing, a bigoted authoritarian and potential despot, a threat to America’s future and the entire world? They might have no option, said Republican Jews in despair, but to vote for Hillary. No! cried others who were equally despairing. How could you even think of voting for Hillary, what with the email scandal, with her past support for the PLO and the bullying way she treated Israel while she was secretary of state, with the Muslim Brotherhood types and other Israel-bashers in her close circle? READ MORE

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