BDS decision calls on Israel to end occupation, grant equal rights to Palestinians, and enact ‘right of return’ i.e. hasten destruction of the Jewish State

NYU graduate student union approves BDS resolution
by JTA
April 24, 2016

The graduate student union at New York University voted to approve a motion to support a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions resolution against Israel. The resolution was approved by two-thirds of the 600 union members who voted on Friday, according to reports citing the Graduate Student Organizing Committee. The committee represents more than 2,000 graduate teaching and research assistants at the university. The resolution called on the union and its parent union, the United Auto Workers, to divest from Israeli companies. It also calls on NYU to close its program at Tel Aviv University, which it alleges violates the NYU non-discrimination policy. Fifty-seven percent of the voting union members also took a personal pledge to boycott Israeli government and academic institutions. READ MORE

BDS Disgrace at New York University
by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
April 24, 2016

This is an absolute disgrace. NYU has more Jewish undergraduates than any other private University in America. That these BDS resolutions have been passed betrays an utter lack of leadership, something I wrote about extensively when my son was an NYU undergraduate before joining the IDF. How could Rabbis on campus not mobilize the Jewish students to oppose the BDS resolution? How could approximately 6000 Jewish students allow Israel to be maligned on their campus in such an extreme way. Pressure most come from pro-Israel donors to NYU to stop the rampant Israel hatred and anti-Semitism that is growing at a campus in the middle of a city with more Jewish residents in it than any other. READ MORE


A Statement by President Andrew Hamilton on the Grad Union Boycott Vote
April 25, 2016

“A boycott of Israeli academics and institutions is contrary to our core principles of academic freedom, antithetical to the free exchange of ideas, and at odds with the University’s position on this matter, as well as the position of GSOC’s parent union. NYU will not be closing its academic program in Tel Aviv, and divestment from Israeli-related investments is not under consideration. And to be clear: whatever ‘pledges’ union members may or may not have taken does not free them from their responsibilities as employees of NYU, which rejects this boycott.”

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