#YomHashoah Today, there is no other race of people on this earth who face the threat of the extinction of 6 million (the number of Jews in Israel) by a nuclear holocaust #NeverAgain ?

“Never Again” is dead
by Stanley Zir
May 3, 2016

Never Again, two simple words, was once the proud refrain that united all levels of Jews around the globe;  Orthodox, Conservatives, Reforms, Chassidim, Ashkenazis, Sephardic, Culturalists, Nationalists, Philosophical believers, non-believers, observant and non – traditionalists…On September 17th, when Tennessee’s Republican Senator Bob Corker stood in the well of the Senate, painfully aware that there were not enough votes to stop Obama’s Iranian deal and conceded victory to the Democrats, Never Again was dealt its fatal blow. The GOP leader cut his response short, left the chambers, and apparently, the rest of the Pro-Zionist movements, those strong outspoken advocates who once boldly rallied to Israel’s side, abandoned their stances and chose to do the same. Instead of gaining a renewed commitment from this deadly blow, Zionist groups responded “Well, what else could we do?” In essence, they folded their tents, waived the white flag of surrender to Iran and left the Never Again battlefield to be silent ever since. Never Again is Dead. READ MORE

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