“Those in the know want to “help” the new president with a plan for achieving a two-state solution”

The ‘peace processors’ are back
by Richard Baehr
May 26, 2016

…The need for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is another one of those “big” stories that are never far from the news lead, on which the groupthink consensus is never challenged. This week, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman managed in one column to repeat pretty much every accepted wisdom about Israel today that counts as opinion journalism among the “well informed.” This is no particular achievement for Friedman, who has been recycling his columns on Israel for decades, always with the same sage advice for Israel, a country he is trying to save from itself…Then, Friedman issues the only news in his column: a “threat” that The New York Times may soon begin calling Israel the state of “Israel-Palestine.” READ MORE

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