“Political and economic conditions in the US portend a permanent cooling towards Israel, and Israel has to adjust”

Israel and the US: The end of the affair
by Dr Norman Bailey
June 2, 2016

…The relationship has not been without ups and downs, and there is no point here in going into this well-known history. But no president since Truman has had a worse relationship with the Israeli government than Barack Obama, even though throughout his presidency, defense and intelligence cooperation has continued at a high level. Previously, periods of hostility were always followed quickly by restoration of the special relationship between the two countries. There is reason to believe that may not be the case in the future…To avoid the eventual necessity of either defaulting or inflating away the debt, future US governments will have to cut expenditures or increase taxes, or both, in a massive way. And that, in turn, will subject aid to Israel to ever-greater pressure from an electorate that is being asked to receive less and give more to the government. READ MORE

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