A special appeal to help David Coleman and his family, close friends in need

We are writing on behalf of a close friend of ours, David Coleman, and his family. As many of you know, David is the Director of Distribution at Jerusalem U, one of the most effective Israel advocacy organizations out there. As you may recall, David organized a community-wide screening of the documentary Beneath the Helmet at Anshe Emet and Northbrook Court in February of 2015. Through David’s efforts, this film screening was one of the most widely-sponsored community events in recent memory, bringing the film to over 1,100 people. All of this was made possible by David’s passion for our Jewish community, our peoplehood, and for Israel.

David is originally from Northbrook and made aliyah several years ago. His wife, Gila, is a native Israeli and they have a sweet and beautiful 3-year old son, Chai Avraham Moshe. Sadly, Chai Avraham Moshe has been fighting a rare and particularly aggressive form of cancer and is now being treated in Chicago. Amidst all they’re dealing with, Gila is pregnant with their second child and due to deliver this fall.

We are posting this in order help spread the word about Chai Avraham Moshe’s situation, to the greatest extent possible, so that we may help this special young boy and his loving family in their time of need. Click here to learn how you can Help Chai Avraham Moshe fight cancer.

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