Ike, Obama and Israel: “no period in twentieth-century Middle Eastern history that rhymes more powerfully with the present than the Eisenhower era”

Middle East Misjudgment: Review of ‘Ike’s Gamble’ By Michael Doran
by Omri Ceren
November 16, 2016

Michael Doran’s Ike’s Gamble, a riveting account of President Dwight Eisenhower’s conduct in Middle East, offers a key historical insight: Modern American diplomats have, going back to the beginning of the Cold War, been simply awful at distinguishing friends and foes in the Middle East. Doran, who is a Hudson Institute senior fellow and a former National Security Council senior director, describes Eisenhower’s trajectory as “nothing if not a lesson in the dangers of calibrating the distinction between ally and enemy incorrectly.” The Middle East alliance most conspicuously recalibrated and miscalibrated has been the one America has with Israel. READ MORE

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