“Writing on Facebook after UN vote, a fellow adamant non-Trump voting friend wrote “Well, Obama. You did it. You made me feel grateful that Trump will be president. What a world”

After UN Resolution, This #NeverTrump Conservative Is Wondering If Donald Is So Bad After All
by Bethany Mandel
December 28, 2016

During the election this past fall, I proposed writing, as a conservative Republican, about why I felt that for Israel, having the White House filled by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be better than businessman Donald Trump…After the pre-Hanukkah actions of the Obama administration at the United Nations, I am glad I never wrote such a piece. My Orthodox Trump-voting friends were right, and I was wrong: it appears on Israel, Donald Trump is already a better friend to the Jewish State than his Democratic counterparts have or would have been. READ MORE

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