Trump “may well prove to ‎be a turning point for Israel, reversing the tide of global hostility of the last eight years in which ‎the outgoing administration regarded us diplomatically as a rogue state rather than as an ally”

Israel and the Trump administration
by Isi Leibler
January 5, 2017

…What gives us grounds for optimism is the fact that, whatever divisions may emerge between ‎the Trump administration and the Republicans who dominate both the Senate and the House ‎of Representatives, they are all in accord in their desire to commence a new chapter in U.S.-‎Israel relations in which the Jewish state will be treated as a genuine partner.‎ In this context, Trump’s personal invitation to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to attend ‎his inauguration ceremony reflects yet another expression of endearment.‎ If Trump moves in this direction, it is likely to have a major influence on the manner in which ‎other governments behave toward Israel and may, to some extent, mitigate the damage of the ‎Security Council resolution.‎ READ MORE

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