Yishai Fleisher’s message to every Jihadist terrorist: “When you come to Israel to harm our civilians, you’re going to lose your life”

Netanyahu calls to pardon Elor Azaria after Hebron manslaughter conviction
by Herb Keinon
January 4, 2017

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu characterized the manslaughter conviction handed down to Elor Azaria as a “difficult and painful day for all of us.” In a statement released some eight hours after the conviction – long after many other politicians had already reacted – Netanyahu said it was painful “first and foremost for Elor and his family, IDF soldiers, and many citizens and parents of our soldiers, myself included.” Netanyahu said he supported a pardon for the soldier. “I call on all citizens to behave responsibly toward the IDF, its officers and the chief of staff,” he said. “We have one army which is the foundation of our existence. READ MORE

Yishai Fleisher was interviewed by the BBC yesterday in connection with the Elor Azaria manslaughter conviction. Fleisher points out critical distinctions in “rule of law” as it applies to criminal justice and as it applies to armed conflict with terrorists, the Azaria matter being the latter:

Israeli Soldier Convicted Over Hebron Death (Fleisher interview begins 8:25)

Israel Soldier Conviction ‘A Big Mistake’ (Fleisher abbreviated interview)

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