Paris Peace Summit begins Sunday: “If UNSCR 2334 upset you, 2335 is just a week away, and it is far worse”

(Even More Horrific) Anti-Israel UNSC Resolution Expected
by Lori Lowenthal Marcus
January 13, 2017

But something worse is coming. Actually, two things. Those who spend the bulk of their waking hours focused on the Arab-Israeli conflict are warning the Jewish State that the Paris Peace Summit slated to begin on Sunday will produce a document hog-tying the parties to the failed concept of the “Two State Solution.” Oh, there is language in the document which pays lip service to the concept of a solution “not being imposed” on the parties, yet that is precisely what UNSC R2334, the Paris Peace Summit “Agreement,” and the upcoming UNSC Resolution seek to do. The anticipated Paris agreement not only states that the Two State “Solution” (TSS) is the only way to solve the conflict, but it will demand that both sides will not only have to restate their commitment to the TSS, but they must “disavow official voices on their side that reject this solution.” READ MORE

ISRAELLYCOOL Draft Summary From Next Week’s Paris Israel Palestine Peace Summit

HUFFINGTON POST Dear French Foreign Minister Ayrault

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One Response to Paris Peace Summit begins Sunday: “If UNSCR 2334 upset you, 2335 is just a week away, and it is far worse”

  1. Dale Rushing says:

    The only people that have a legal blood right to “The Land” are those that received ” The Land ” directly from the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob., ( whose name was changed to Israel!!!!). Why do the Nations rage and plot against the descendants of Abraham, Issac and Jacob? He who is the Great “I Am” watches over His every word to perform them without fail.!!!! Put your trust in our Lord’s Faithfulness. He has never failed!!! Israel as a people and a Nation actually exists because The Lord has established a Covenant that is Everlasting with Abraham and his Seed!! Your enemies are many but they have already lost the battle, the Psalmist knew that when he wrote that “the Lord is my Rock and my Salvation whom shall I fear? He is the Strength of my Life of whom shall I be afraid?”, another Psalmist asked”Who can snatch out of His hand?” Even I can answer that question- ” NO ONE!!!!

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