The Palestinian Emirates Solution: “Arabs over the last century have without exception opposed the two-state solution, whether proposed by the British, the United Nations or the United States”

The solution to Israel-Palestine isn’t two states, it’s several states
by Lawrence Solomon
January 16, 2017

There is a solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, the only solution likely to avoid a bloodbath. It isn’t the two-state solution insisted on by the 70-odd countries that met in Paris over the weekend; it isn’t the one-state solution favoured by Palestinian leftists and Israeli rightists. The solution lies in the traditional form of Arab governance: emirates or city-states, the most successful Arab political system in the Middle East today, and over the centuries...A multi-state solution would offer Israel’s Jews and Arabs the best of both worlds. The Arabs would be free to choose citizenship in Israel or in their home emirate, in both cases benefitting from the Israeli economy, and the Jews would not worry about losing either their democracy or their country. READ MORE

ISRABLOG The Eight State Solution by Mordechai Kedar

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