“Six questions that should be asked of UNRWA, starting with a long overdue audit of funds”

An open letter to Ambassador Nikki Haley
by David Bedein
June 6, 2017

Dear Madame Ambassador: You are a welcome guest to Israel this week, where you are much admired for the integrity that you have shown in your demand for unprecedented fair treatment of Israel at the UN. Within your passion to improve UN policies, we would like to know if you would be willing to ask six questions about US funding of UNRWA, the agency which provides 1.2 billion dollars in order to keep 5 million descendants of Arabs who fled Israel in a state of refugee-perpetuity since 1948. The US covers 400 million dollars of that budget. Six questions that could reflect a new US Policy towards UNRWA (the links provide more information and sources of that information)…READ MORE

JEWISH PRESS Netanyahu: I told Nikki Haley It’s Time to Dismantle UNRWA

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