“Oslo has been tragic for the Israelis because it makes them appear weak in the eyes of their enemies, and therefore makes them more vulnerable to attack”

The Israel Victory Caucus: Some Sorely Needed Reality Therapy
by Sarah Stern
June 12, 2017

…However, something refreshing is underfoot in the US Congress.  Under the auspices of Daniel Pipes and Gregg Roman of the Middle East Forum, there is a new initiative entitled the “Israel Victory Caucus.” Chaired by Congressmen Ron DeSantis of Florida and Bill Johnson of Ohio, the caucus was “founded,” in Rep. Johnson’s words, “on one single, irrefutable principle.  And that is first and foremost Israel has a fundamental right to exist and to defend herself. And that is not negotiable.” What the caucus members believe is that these 24 years since the Oslo Accords were signed has been tragic for the Palestinians. READ MORE

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