“For those who are filled with fury…I agree with you about how disgusting it is that the haredim have wormed their way into power so that they can distort Jewish laws and control Jewish holy sites, making life miserable for the rest of us, including Orthodox Jewish women like myself”

A Good Relationship Gone Bad
by Naomi Ragen
July 5, 2017

…There was a time when American Jews not only put their pennies in their pushkas
to help the struggling Jewish homeland. They put their lives on the line.  I’m
talking about Lou Lenert and Leon Frankel, Gideon Lichtmann and George Lichter,
Harold Livingston and Al Schwimmer and Bob Vickman, American Jews who thought it
wasn’t enough that they helped defeat the Nazis, they needed to join their
brothers in Israel so that the Jewish people would have a place to go when the
next Nazis came to power.  They left behind businesses and girlfriends and
created the Israeli Air Force, without which I and six million other Israeli
Jews would not be living in our own country, but spread out all over the world
waiting, like the Jews of France, and the Jews of Great Britain, and the Jews of
Belgium, for the next horrible Muslim atrocity to hit them and their families. Without these American Jews, there would be no Israel. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Fed-up Reform leaders are thinking twice about their donations to Israel

FORWARD American Jews Are Furious About The Western Wall — But What Can They Do?

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