Palestinians, who invented the need for metal detectors, are outraged yet again #WeNeedOurGunsAndKnivesToPray

Letter to the Editor

The irony of Palestinian Arabs coercing Israel into removing metal detectors and security cameras from The Temple Mount so they are not inhibited in bringing implements of violence is beyond belief. Metal detectors and other security measures have become routine fixtures at public events, airports, religious sites and government buildings. This is in no small measure a response to decades of terror attacks, including Palestinian assaults against travelers, schools and even the Olympics. Indeed, it can reasonably be argued that Palestinians invented the scourge of modern terrorism. The Palestinian Arabs may have learned little about democracy, human rights, tolerance, peace or reconciliation from close up observation of their Jewish neighbors. But they have mastered the art of chutzpah.

John Cohn
Philadelphia, PA

WALL STREET JOURNAL Why Israel Removed the Metal Detectors

TIMES OF ISRAEL In unprecedented attack, Israel Hayom pans ‘helpless,’ ‘feeble’ Netanyahu

ALGEMEINER Who knew that metal detectors were so offensive to Muslim sensibilities? These security devices are used extensively in Muslim countries throughout the world — at Mecca even — without complaint. But when Israel installs them on the Temple Mount to stop jihadists from murdering innocent civilians — it becomes a problem.

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