Six steps to reforming UNRWA include “canceling their curriculum, which is based on jihad, martyrdom, and the “right of return” by force of arms” [VIDEO]

Don’t Dismantle UNRWA; Reform Its Policies
by David Bedein
August 9, 2017

The desire of Prime Minister Netanyahu to dismantle UNRWA, while understandable in light of the agency’s egregious history of collusion with Hamas, is not a practical proposition. Israel can, however, demand that funding to UNRWA be conditioned on the agency’s reform in multiple areas…It is not within Israel’s power to ​”dismantle” UNRWA. The agency operates under the mandate of the UN General Assembly, and only that organ can shut it down. Even if 30 or 40 nations vote to change the UN mandate, the Arab League and the automatic majority of “non-aligned nations” would vote down any decision perceived as pro-Israel. READ MORE

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