“American Jewish leaders should wake up now before their once influential community ‎becomes marginalized”

Accelerating American Jewish chaos
by Isi Leibler
August 18, 2017

…Sectors of the Jewish media also contribute to this atmosphere. The most extreme example ‎was a recent article in The Forward by columnist Steven Davidson. Davidson listed 19 people ‎who he thought Jews should worry more about than Sarsour. All except one are Islamic ‎jihadists, Nazis, racists or right-wingers whom Davidson dislikes, such as Trump’s strategist ‎Steve Bannon. Leftists are given a pass. Most scandalously, the list includes Morton Klein, head ‎of Zionist Organization of America. Unbelievably, Klein is included with Islamist terrorist, Louis ‎Farrakhan, David Duke and other anti-Semites.‎ READ MORE

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