What the West doesn’t understand: “Tel Aviv is as much a settlement in the Muslim mind as any settlement in the West Bank – it’s all the same”

Islamic Terrorists Target Europe: Why Spain May Be the Epicenter for Terror Attacks
by Harold Rhode and Lenny Ben-David
October 2, 2017

…In the year 712, a Muslim general by the name of Tariq leads the Muslims across the Strait of Gibraltar from Morocco and takes over the Iberian Peninsula. Therefore, from an Islamic point of view, Spain belongs to the Muslims – forever. Now, they ruled Spain and various parts of it, there were wars galore, until 1492 when they were thrown out. If you read Muslim documents – and there’s Muslim diplomatic correspondence during the period from 1492 to today – whenever they mention a city in Spain, they say, “may it be returned to the bosom of Islam speedily.”...Classic Islamic warfare is based on pre-Islamic Arabian warfare, which is raiding parties, which we call terrorism today. It’s small groups fighting small groups…So what they did was: you attack, you terrorize, instill fear in the other side and withdraw. And attack and withdraw, and attack and withdrawREAD MORE

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