“The Kurdish people, including virtually every single kurdish group, are heavily pro-American in sentiment”

State Department Undermining Kurds, Our Long Time Allies
by Adam Turner
November 14, 2017

…The State Department seems to have two rules when it comes to territorial disputes in the Middle East: 1) Borders, however they were determined, are inviolate. If the British, French, Ottomans, etc. decided a century ago the lines needed to be where they were, regardless of what peoples live within those borders, then that is the way they should stay, for all time. 2) In contrast, the border of Israel is always negotiable, although it can never be allowed to expand in favor of the Israelis. The first of these rules is just foolish; the second may be a result of the State Department’s strange and disturbing obsession. Neither of these rules is a logical decision based on the U.S.’ national interest. The State Department’s position on the referendum in Kurdistan, more than anything else, clearly demonstrates this. READ MORE

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