Max Blumenthal could thus be described as “an award-winning antisemite” and has written a book “that reflects his admiration for the Palestinian terror group Hamas”

Salon Mainstreams the Vile Antisemitism of Max Blumenthal and Joseph Massad
by Petra Marquardt-Bigman
December 4, 2017

…Under the title, “The shocking alliance between Zionism and Anti-Semitism,” Max Blumenthal promises Salon readers an “in-depth discussion with renowned Palestinian scholar Prof. Joseph Massad.”…Just some two weeks before Al Jazeera first published [Joseph] Massad’s screed, The Algemeiner had published an article in which I documented that the material Massad relies on to make his case against Zionist Jews happens to be the same material that is used on neo-Nazi forums like Stormfront to make a very similar case…And then consider what Blumenthal adds: there was an “alliance” between the Nazis and the Zionist Jews that “deepened” while the Nazis were busy killing most of Europe’s Jews; and the Zionist Jews even managed to clinch a “lucrative” deal “with Hitler’s government that exchanged Jewish property for the bodies the Zionists needed to colonize Palestine.” READ MORE

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